Anxiously Awaiting the Return of the Wednesday Quiz

OMG, this Monday night quiz is killing me.

First we couldn't get the total number of spots on a Twister mat (apparently it's 24) and then we talked ourselves out of the right answer when it came to identifying the oceans around New Zealand, and then I totally blew a third of the music round because I'm unfamiliar with the complete works of Everclear and Good Charlotte. Recognizing the Clash cover of "I Fought the Law" and the Aerosmith cover of "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" was cold comfort.

After that I headed home and fired up the second disc of my complete set of The West Wing DVDs. (Faithful readers of this blog may remember that I bought this last October. That's right: I'm just now getting around to watching it.) I started with the first season on Sunday evening, and I'm loving it. Charlie shows up for the first time . . . C.J. and Danny . . . Donna and Josh . . . squee! Only forty-three discs to go!

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