I Totally Want This: West Wing, The Complete Series

I should not wander from tube to tube late at night. I have poor impulse control and end up hitting "Buy Now!" when I find the complete series DVD set for The West Wing on sale at Amazon for $115 or so.

But look at it! It's so pretty!

So stylish!

So packed with extras!

This "Complete Series Collection" is presented in creative packaging befitting the style and class of the series. A very sturdy cardboard dossier case with a magnetic closing mechanism, a faux leather surface, and the seal of the President embossed on the front houses seven thin folders, each containing an entire season of the show. The folders slide in through the top of the case, distinguished by offset labeled tabs, just like a typical office file folder, with the exception that these are adorned with gorgeous black-and-white photos from the series. . . .

And what better way to spend these agonizingly long last few days leading up to the actual Obama-McCain election than by retreating into the fictional Santos-Vinick election of Season 7?

My box set arrives tomorrow ... Can't wait!

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