Almost a Year Later

So, I posted last year about how I bought the complete DVD box set of The West Wing, and now I'm finally getting around to watching it.

I'm just starting season 3, which was the fall of 2001. I almost wanted to skip over the stupid "Very Special Episode" they aired before the official season opener — the response to 9/11 — but forced myself to sit through it, for the sake of completeness. It's still as ham-handed and awkward as I remember.

I'm really enjoying the rest of the episodes, though. The one thing I'm hating is having to fumble for the remote to fast-forward through the opening and closing credits. I think there should be a setting so that when you choose "play all" episodes, the disc will automatically skip over those segments.

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  1. So, basically, I disagree with this column decrying the lack of TV theme songs:

    Memorable TV theme songs are no longer in the broadcast script