Meh with a Side Order of Ugh

Random things that are chapping my hide this week:

  • It's finally starting to heat up around here — now that it's officially summer and all — and I do not like it.

  • I'm supposed to be part of the interviewing process for the new marketing person at work, but it's just making me nervous about what information to share/questions to ask. I'd be happier if I weren't involved, if only to allow myself free rein to bitch about whomever they hire.

  • I'm supposed to be organizing/running some alumni events, and I'm not really motivated to do so. On a similar note, I should be cleaning my apartment on a regular basis, and I'm not really motivated to do that, either.

  • I can't figure out why some people I know are so stoked about the New Kids on the Block concert. I distinctly remember haaaating them in the early '90s.

  • I also can't figure out why the Indians are sucking so bad this season. (I know: The short answer is always, Because they're the Cleveland Indians! Spare me.)


  1. 1. Suck it up. There's August to look forward to and then you'll be whining about 90 degrees every day.

    2. Remember there's always the Barbara Walters questions - "If you were a tree, what kind would you be?" But seriously a good one is "Pick five words to describe you."

    3. If you want to start with my house, that would work.

    4. We don't say hate.

    5. At least your team wins on occasion.

  2. (2) The new CEO gave us a list of possible questions. Item 1: If you were a brand of car, what brand would you be?

    (4) May I be permitted to say "intensely dislike, with the power of a thousand burning nuns"?

    (5) I was checking the standings in Sunday's paper, just to see how many games out of first we are, and I was inordinately pleased to note that the Indians have a better record than the Nationals.