Cookie Disco!

The dessert for my free brewpub dinner from Cathy, in appreciation of my assistance with her statistics homework . . . which I only partly garfed up.

The cookie came in this metal tin that seemed to scream "Easy Bake Oven." It was so warm that it fell apart into little schnibbly bits* when you tried to transfer it from the big plate to your little plate. Maybe you're not supposed to share it?

Great. Now I'm going to have that song in my head all day.

* I tried to explain the derivation of "schnibbly" to the waiter, who expressed his unfamiliarity with that term, but his eyes just glazed over and Cathy laughed at me.

schnibble n
Also schnipfel, s(ch)nipple,schnivvle, schnuffel, s(c)hnibbel,snibble, snibblin, snipsle
[Ger Schnippel : a scrap] chiefly in Ger settlement areas

A scrap; a small piece; hence v schnibble to chop (meat) into small pieces.

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