Remote Control

I'm a little bummed because it's the end of American Idol this week.  I'm so glad that Gokey got the boot, I don't care who wins. (Oh, okay: I'm kind of rooting for Glambert.)

I haven't gotten around to watching all of the season finales of the rest of my shows (although I did watch Bones, and loved it) but when that viewing party is over, I'm going to be forced to like, read a book or go outside or something. Guh.

I did make a dent in some of my library books over the weekend. I have renewed the collection of Connie Willis short stories about four times already, so I figured I'd better at least crack the spine. They're fascinating, and I can't wait to read the rest —  I only got about halfway through before I decided to pay more attention to Game 7 and/or the insides of my eyelids last night. I totally gave up on the book of short stories about women cops, though, so I'm taking that back to the library tonight. 

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