Licking It

So, I watched Jimmy Fallon's new show. Not when it actually aired — I taped it, and then turned it on this morning when I inexplicably awoke at 5:30. It wasn't bad, but I'm biased because I like him.

I enjoyed most of his stuff — Slow Jam the News was pretty funny, and the Lick It for $10 bit strikes me as an quirky mash-up of The Price Is Right and a bar bet — but I don't know that I would have picked Robert DeNiro as my first guest.

I mean, as a new host doing the first episode, you're going to be a smidge nervous when it's interview time anyway, so why compound that awkwardness by bringing on someone who doesn't like to be on talk shows and isn't going to respond to your questions? I guess you solve that by making a list of questions he can answer with one word, and then whipping out your DeNiro impression, but still: It made me welcome the arrival of Justin Timberlake, and I never thought I'd say that.

Thanks to JT, his gift of an autographed photo of Barry Gibb, and the impromptu rendition of the theme song to the Barry Gibb talk show, I'm going to have "Talking it up! On the Barry Gibb Talk Show!" running through my head all day. Thanks for that.

You'll have to search online for the clip, in case you're dying to suffer from the same earworm. I had it embedded, but Hulu took it down. Boo!

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