If I'm a Little Distracted This Morning

. . . It's because I'm OD'ing on Grady at SizemoreFan.com.

I found it because I was looking for footage from Grady's appearance on
That's Life with Robin Swoboda, since I stupidly neglected to set my VCR on Monday morning.

I kind of wish I had video of the promo she did — she was super-excited to be in Arizona for spring training, and was joking about being Mrs. Sizemore. Grady was just pretty much just staring at her, like, "Are you for real?" and then he finally decided to laugh. So cute!

Ha! This quote in the sidebar on the fan site cracks me up:

I should have told the interviewers to ask about his wardrobe. Grady's 110% a metrosexual.

— Jason Bay

He did look quite spiffy last year.

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  1. sizemorefan.com is a site maintained by you isnt it?