Giving Mike D the Bird*


As previously mentioned, Cathy and Christine** claimed they had better things to do of a Wednesday evening, so I had to defect to another team. I arrived early enough to insinuate myself in the Leper Colony*** — it turned out that they were also down a few team members. I managed to drag them down to my level, lobbying successfully for answers that sounded probable but were in fact wrong. Hmmm . . . maybe I need to infiltrate Team 11?

Speaking of Team 11: Our favorite cartoonist came over to discuss his upcoming appearance at New York's Comic-Con (Booth 2446, for anyone in the neighborhood.) and other comic book conventions he has known (Wizard World, for example) as well as the bonus features on the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD (which I so want now just ordered from Amazon).

* What? It was the missing link this month: They're all birds.

** When I saw her on Tuesday night, I forgot to hand over her share of the scratch-off lottery tickets Cathy and I won last month. Maybe I'll remember to bring them in March.

*** Doing business this month as Type III Diabetes.

Scores and Standings

Round 1: Mother Nature — 9 points

Round 2: Literature Writings Things — 8 points
Round 3: Entertain Me, Funny Boy — 9 points

Round 4: Places That You Don't Know About — 8 points

Picture Round — 8 points

Round 5: Random Questions — 8 points

Round 6: Video Round — 5 points
Round 7: Famous People — 5 points
Round 8: Missing Link — 6 points

We were in fourth place at the half, after a few rounds of surprisingly easy questions. We ended up finishing fifth, but we couldn't be too depressed about it since Team 11 came in second. Ha ha! </Nelson>

Quotable Quotes and Notable Notes
  • Mike D really knows how to play to the crowd. You know how most bands kick off a concert with one of their top hits, sure to get the crowd going and provide the right vibe for the event? Yeah, well, the first question of Round 1 was "What type of animal is the blue-footed booby?"

    Since we're all mentally twelve, there was a lot of catcalling and assorted smart remarks. The winner of a bonus point was the team that responded "Titmouse." Later in the same round, we were asked, "The male emperor penguin doesn't eat for two months while what object is on his foot?" I think one of the regular Lepers called out "his testicles," which got a big laugh.

  • There was some sort of computer malfunction during the video round. Each of Mike D's increasingly desperate and ultimately fruitless attempts to get the video clip to play were greeting with a loud "FAIL!" cheer from the ten or twelve people forming some kind of mega-team in the front row. Even though he couldn't play that clip, we still had to answer the question: What color jacket was the ball dropper guy wearing? Oddly enough, some teams (including his parents) managed to get the right answer (green).

  • A question about the movie based on the 1939 play Everybody Comes to Rick's required clarification to avoid any confusion with the porn version — which is, of course, Everybody Comes on Rick.

  • Apparently there was a lot of blatant cell-phone cheating going on. I hope that next month we don't all have to turn in our electronic devices as we enter the place, like the poor girls at Constance Billard's.

I'll Take Fake Answers for $1000, Alex

  • In 2008, what actress appeared on Ugly Betty as Kimmie Keegan?
    Chuck Norris (Lindsay Lohan)

  • What did the U.S. Treasury first issue in 1862 in an effort to finance the Civil War?
    commemorative plates
    (paper money)

  • What's the name of the boy on the Play-Doh cans?
    Clay (Play-Doh Pete)

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