Book Report: Volume 9

Have I mentioned here that I have gone completely overboard in terms of the number of books I have checked out of the library right now? Well, it's true.

Anyway, about two weeks ago I was completely sucked in to the Maisie Dobbs mystery series and the Mr. and Mrs. Darcy mystery series, which are appealing if you are interested in (a) mysteries and (b) England.

Have I mentioned here that I love it when I come across a book I like that already has three or four sequels, so I can dive in right away and find out what happens next? Delayed gratification is for suckers.

Right now I'm listening to the first book in the Dresden files, mostly because it is read by James Marsters (aka Spike, for all you casual Buffy fans who don't remember the actors' real names). Marsters also read the next four books in the series, so I suppose I know what I'll be listening to for the next few months. Hmm. Maybe having a slightly longer commute won't be quite so bad?

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