She's Statler, I'm Waldorf

I took my new iPod with me to Pub Quiz last night, since the bar has free wi-fi, and posted a new Facebook status:

Amy is at pub quiz, hoping that the weather will deter some people (Team 11!) from attending. 6:24 pm

My friend Brian wrote back, "I can take Team 11..." (He is familiar with the Team 11 phenomenon from when he attended a PQ at Claddagh last year.) so I gave him a little synopsis this a.m.:

Yeah, well, they won, as per usual. But I did get a free comic book from one of the guys on the team! Thom Zahler was handing out the new issue of Love and Capes (, and he even autographed them for us.

Plus, the team that actually finished last left, so by default as the next-suckiest team, we won ten scratch-off lotto tickets. Which were also losers. So . . . yeah.

Here's some photos to tide you over until I feel like writing a more detailed summary. (Or, in Mike D's words, "blog your little heart out about it.")

Mike D and His (Disco) Ball

My Soon-to-Be-Autographed Copy of Love and Capes

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