Friday Timewaster: Teh Interwebs

Dude, this whole day was a timewaster. I could have stayed home "sick" for all the stuff I got accomplished today.

No, wait: I did some Googling to find out how jigsaw puzzles are made. (This was after I bored Cathy to tears during lunch with the saga of my mom and her puzzle with the missing piece and subsequent angry rant to the puzzle company that I had to transcribe and e-mail; they responded by offering her a replacement puzzle if she would send in the UPC code. Cathy imagined my mom's reaction as follows: "Do you think I want to waste time putting together a new puzzle?! No! I'll take a picture of it and e-mail it to you, and you can mail me a replacement piece!" which I thought was hilarious.

Oh, and I discovered that Uncle Ken gave me a shout-out on Mike D's site. And I debated whether I should friend some of my old Sargent Hall pals on Facebook. ("Not at this time" won.) And I looked up footage of
my friend on TV, since my VCR ate my tape. And I looked busy on the five occasions when the boss came by my desk. But besides that . . . Ugh.

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