I Accept Your Challenge

This is not a personal essay about how I have been inspired by Obama's inaugural address to start "giving back to the community" or whatever.

It is, instead, a short post about how I came across an NPR blog post entitled
How To Be A Giant 'Seinfeld' Geek ages ago but just now mentally connected it to Cathy's idea of having a big Seinfeld Scene It? party to celebrate finishing grad school. That, plus Ted is making plans to have a Saturday Night Live Trivial Pursuit night sometime soon.

In both cases, I feel that my TV geek credentials will be tested — especially since Cathy already got the high score on the Seinfeld Aptitude Test — so I'd better start preparing. Good thing I already have the early seasons of
Seinfeld on DVD, plus a book about life backstage in the early days of SNL. Time to study up!

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