Like Day Care, but with Liquor*

As usual, I'll make my little promise to come back and add more details to this recap later.

We know how terrible I am about following through on things like that, though, so don't get too excited.

Cathy had to take a final last night, so even though Team "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" could have used her expertise in the "What '80s Band?" picture round** (not to mention her
Seinfeld aptitude for one of the questions in the hated "Missing Link" round), Christine and I had to muddle through without her.

"Muddle" is about right: We ended up with 56 points*** and placed near the top of the bottom half of the pack. Okay, fine, I'll say it: We tied for 8th place. Despite being team number 11 on the sign-up sheet, the leper colony**** only managed to place second. The actual Team 11, however, sporting their official Team 11 t-shirts and flaunting their "You Suck" towels, came in first. Boo!

Mike D sez: Oh, so bad ass! If it weren't for the shirt. Or the inherent lack of muscles of any kind.

In other news:

It was Mike D's birthday on Tuesday, so just like last year, his mom led us in singing "Happy Birthday" and yelling "You Suck!" to him. Then his parents (on behalf of Aunt Susan) gave him the equivalent of the bunny suit in A Christmas Story: A hat that not is not only a snowman head but also is a music box. Added bonus? The hat ... uh, bends over and becomes erect in time to the music. He posted several photos of it on his site — Look in the photos section, then the December 2008 album. — but it's probably one of those things that's more hilarious in person.

More to come . . . eventually.

* This was how Mike D described Pub Quiz last night. I think it was somewhere around the point where he asked everybody with the right answer to make monkey noises. Or something like that. I know it was after the leper colony told him he needed a girlfriend. I laughed really hard at that, so he turned around and yelled at me: "Yeah, laugh it up! Laugh it up, and then blog about it!!" So . . . . done and done.

** Never mind her protests about not listening to hair metal.

*** Out of approximately 106.5 possible points, once all bonuses were included. Oof.

***** Their nom de quiz this month? "Kentucky Coalition for Intrafamilial Marriage," which was good, but not as good as "My Grandma Doesn't Wrestle, but You Should See Her Box." Heh. Maybe they should have boned up on trivia instead of shooting their wad on a name, though, because they came in 10th.

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  1. Uh huh. I really didn't get into hair metal in the 80s. It's gay. Not to mention that whiney-ass Journey sucks donkey balls.

    Snowman hats, eh? Nice.

    I hate your blog. It's not accepting my comment.

  2. Ok, the word verification for that comment? It's farooped. That makes me laugh.

  3. (a) I wouldn't call Journey "hair metal." And they weren't on the list, anyway. As you know, since I swiped extra copies of the picture round to show you this morning.

    (b) Journey rules! Or at least, my roommate my freshman year of college loved them. I'd never heard them before, but she played the greatest hits album ALL THE TIME and it grew on me.

    (c) Maybe Google wouldn't accept your comment because they are secret Journey lovers. So there... Nyah!

  4. They have hair, don't they???? Ok. Maybe the metal part is questionable. But what do you call it then? Whiney-ass super-emo gay rock?

  5. Rock, yes. Whiny, super-emo, and gay? Not so much.

    Now you'll have to excuse me . . . I need to go listen to "Lights."

  6. I wouldn't say Journey is "emo" or "gay", but I'm not sure I'd call it "rock" either. They're sort of the musical equivalent of Clint Eastwood -- an outer layer of rough-and-tough that just barely covers a shmaltzy, overly sentimental inner core. Both Clint and Journey have picture books of fuzzy-wuzzy kittens and puppies stashed under their pillows. Watch "Bridges of Madison County" and the video for "Separate Ways" and tell me I'm wrong.