Writing Checks My Blog Can't Cash

So, like, I told a friend of mine yesterday that I would post something on a specific topic here today, and I haven't. Yet.

Technically the day is not over, but the period of time that I am forced to spend in front of this computer is quickly drawing to a close, and I have not yet perfected my entry.

I would say that I'm going to put it up tomorrow, but I have a half-finished post that is really timely and has to run tomorrow or there's no point. Plus, tonight is Pub Quiz, and I usually like to have a little recap-thingy the next day for the one or two people who feign interest. (Hi, Christine's mom! Check back on Friday!)

Oh, and speaking of checks: I need to go to the bank and deposit mine so I have some money for Pub Quiz / dinner and drinks / rent. Assuming my bank has not failed in the 8.5 hours I have been here.

So, faithful readers, check back tomorrow. There may be something of marginal interest to someone posted here.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this, which is currently serving as my desktop wallpaper:

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  1. I forgive you. You're far too fabulous to jump when one of your readers says "jump!"