Bingo or Blotto?

I came across the Sarah Palin gibberish generator earlier this week. I thought about borrowing bits of some of the answers to create a bingo card for tonight's VP debate, but decided it would be too much work. (And depressing, when the computer-generated response was compared with the Palin-generated response shown on the "About" page.)

So, I found this and a few other bingo cards floating around online:

And for those people who are too hard-core for bingo:

The drinking game would be fun at a debate watch party. Last week, I was laughing about the fact that there were 53 debate watch parties within a 50-mile radius of my location. As I noted on my friend Megan's Facebook page, several of them seem suspiciously like ploys by guys to get women to come to their house. Because, as one of John McCain's Web ads points out, "Hot chicks dig Obama."

I'm not going to be at a watch party — unless my meeting at the Pub*** runs over and one breaks out — but I'm definitely going to watch. And maybe bust out my eighth-grade English skillz to diagram some sentences, as modeled in this lovely Slate article. (Thx, Christine!)


* This one can be randomly populated, so you can actually make several different boards and play against your friends!

** Save this one for next week.

*** Where else would we conduct official OU alumni business?

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Final Note

I would also like to agree with Brave Astronaut: Please, It Means too Much - VOTE!

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