Letterman Is the New iTunes Commercial?

You know who's doing great these days? David Letterman's music talent booker.
Stereogum, August 6, 2008
I totally agree. I'm not a Letterman fan, but when I tape Ferguson the VCR clicks on early enough to catch the musical act on Letterman — which is how I found out about We Are Scientists and Solange Knowles, and how I saw some great performances by Al Green and Little Anthony and the Imperials.

I was already planning to buy the new Al Green album, but now I've downloaded some Scientists tracks and the whole Knowles album, plus I did a little Googling on Little Anthony to discover that it's pretty much the same guys, still touring, and how many acts their age can say that?

Then I got curious about whether anybody else was noticing this recent run of awesomeness, and lo and behold, somebody had. So, keep up the good work, I guess.

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