Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Win a Year's Worth of Chucks @ Delia's

Win a year's worth of Chucks? Where do I sign up?!

I've just inched another year away from Delia's target demographic, though, so I probably wouldn't be "randomly selected" as the winner.

Besides, I have a job or two . . . if I want a dozen pairs of new shoes (and believe me, I do!), I suppose I can go out and buy them myself.
Perhaps today, as a little birthday gift for yours truly.

Maybe I'll start with these . . .


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  1. What? No peep-toe boots?

    You should warn people not to look directly into the shoes.

  2. Well, I didn't want sweaty ankles and wet toes, or however you described it the other day.

    And one of my OUAA pals said I should get the green and white ones and wear them to all the alumni events, so nyah!

    I already have some solid green ones (hunter and kelly) plus some green-and-black-striped bowling-style ones, but I'm liking that bandana print more and more . . . .