Friday Timewaster: Fantastic Contraption

I'm totally addicted to Fantastic Contraption.

You have to build a machine to transport a piece from one end of the playing field to the goal area on the other — sometimes over a hole, or up some stairs.

Some machines get pretty elaborate. Check these out:




I always did like physics more than chemistry. I don't always do very well with rote memorization of random items, like, say, atomic weights and valences. Physics seems more practical, with basic equations that can be logically expressed.

Plus, my physics teacher was more fun than my chemistry teacher. Mr. Andrews was actually the same teacher my parents had when they were in high school, and he remembered them all right, as well as the parents of a few other kids in my class. So, sometimes if you had trouble with a concept, he might say something like, "That's okay. Your dad never quite figured that one out, either."

His big catch phrase, though, was "See the idea?" He'd throw that one in there periodically throughout a lecture; so much so, in fact, that we kept a running tally and semester-long statistics. I think the record for a class was nineteen, but that was probably for one of the double-period sessions.

My junior year was his last year, and for a retirement gift I gave him a coffee mug that had an eye in the middle of it. I'm pretty sure it came from Spencer's Gifts, but I don't remember anymore exactly how the whole eyeball-in-the-middle thing worked. I want to say it was on a little ceramic pedestal in the middle, so that as you tilted it to drink, the eyeball became visible, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyhow, he got a kick out of it.


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