About Last Night . . .

I meant to watch Nick Lachey's tv show last night, but I forgot to tune in until it was almost over. He seemed to be mostly voiceover at that point, so I'll have to either look it up online or wait until next week. I don't really care about the show, I just want to see him.*

I was watching the last two episodes of Swingtown online — I'm oddly hooked on that show, if only for the music, costumes, and set design. However, the streaming video started pausing every thirty seconds, which drove me crazy and prevented me from watching Burn Notice online. At least that gets rerun tonight at 11, so I'll have to watch it then.

Oh, I did accidentally watch some of Gene Simmons Family Jewels yesterday. The best part was when Gene spoke to his son's college class** — which made Nick cower in embarrassment*** — and eventually wound up bringing together three-fourths of KISS to take on his son's friends in Guitar Hero or Rock Band or something.

I wish I could find that segment online, because it was totally hilarious. I'm pretty sure they'll have clips from the episode posted online eventually, or it will be rerun later this week. Anyhow, if you have the chance, I highly recommend checking it out. I'm not sure I'm an instant fan of the show, though, even though the son is kind of cute and also hilarious. Gene creeps me out a little in real life. I think it's enough that I have the Gene Simmons KISS mug with the tongue as the handle.****

* I'm also oddly hooked on that dance show that Mario Lopez hosts, but again, just for the bits he's in. Obviously my Ryan Seacrest crush/fixation has gotten out of control and now applies to all kinds of reality TV hosts.

** I guess he was relevant to the discussion about the PMRC and the warning label on music.

*** Proving once again that it doesn't matter how big a rock star you are or how long your tongue is, your kids will always think that you're impossibly uncool and will not want you hanging around with them in front of their friends.

**** Best birthday present ever? It's on my stereo speaker, rockin' out.

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  1. I don't know that it was the BEST birthday present ever. Kookiest? Maybe. Creepiest? For sure. Grossest? It's in the running. Until one of us can deliver Adam Brody, the Andy guy with floppy hair from SNL, Nick, or Drew for your birthday ... then you will have the best birthday present ever. Or maybe some funky post-its. Because you're weird like that.

  2. Now I want all of those things for my birthday!

    And maybe I won't have to watch the show itself: I can just skim the EW Popwatch while I do a Google Image search for Nick pix and put "What's Left of Me" on repeat.

    My favorite comment from this week's Popwatch?

    If this show is so "nice" that Nick Lachey's shirt remains on, I'm outta here.

    — StaleCake

    Ha! And also: Totally true!