This Week in Netflix: Volume 23

I was in Akron over the weekend, so I brought my latest Netflix rentals with me:
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Jumper
  • The Other Boleyn Girl
It was a good thing I had already watched the Potter movie at home earlier in the week, because I was totally wiped out on Friday and fell asleep within about fifteen minutes of pressing "play." My sister had already seen it on the big screen, and of course she, my mom, and I have all read the book. However, my sister and my mom were the only ones who remembered enough of the book's plot to be able to critique what was omitted from the film. My thoughts mostly ran to, Hmmm. That kid who plays Harry has grown up to be pretty hot. Who knew?! Well, that, and Why are they hanging those dumb proclamations in those fancy frames so high on the wall? The type's so small, nobody will be able to read it. Idiots. But beyond that, it was pretty good.

Nobody else wanted to watch Jumper with me, and once I started it, I figured out why. I ended up watching it in fast-forward with the subtitles, every now and then checking in on the directors' commentary. Apparently they kept changing stuff and rearranging things until the absolute last minute, so maybe that's why it's kind of a hodge-podge. Also: Apparently they were already thinking ahead to a follow-up movie (or even a trilogy!) featuring Diane Lane, the mom. You've been warned.

My sister had wanted to see The Other Boleyn Girl because she was interested in the costumes. Verdict: They're pretty. The actual story kind of squicked us out, and the director's commentary bored us to tears. Oh, and I didn't like his choice of camera angles — which seemed to be what at least twenty-five percent of his comments were about — so, nyah!

Meanwhile, in other news . . .

I was at the library last night, and ran into another recurring character from Mike D's pub quiz. She wanted to know why I wasn't at the Pub, playing the quiz against Mike D's dad. I said I saw him there the other week, and lost to his team by two points. She said that his team wins practically every week over there, and they're getting almost as annoying as Team 11 about it. (Ha!!) She said somebody needs to knock him down a peg.

Hmm. Too bad one third of my usual team is playing golf on Monday nights. Maybe I'll e-mail the people I played with the other week, and see if they're up for another round.

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