I Totally Want This: Boom Box Ghetto Blaster Weekend Bag

Boom Box Ghetto Blaster Weekend Bag
Like I don't have more than enough tote bags already . . .

My favorite part of the marketing copy?

Perpetual Kid is not liable for any injury encountered while your old butt is throwing down cardboard and attempting the worm.


The other stuff on the page is pretty good, too:

We thought you might like these too

Well, except for Play-Doh cologne spray. Ew!

And I'm not sure what digit message tape is all about, but it looks pleasingly retro, so I'll go along with it.

Hmm. I still have some 45 RPM adapters somewhere, so I could probably make my own necklace.


I'm in the process of deciding whether I'm going to Akron this weekend to go to the movies with my sister and some friends, or if I'm staying home to go out to dinner with some other friends. I see some e-mails and/or phone calls in my future. . . .

And maybe a little more stuffing of the ballot box:

Vote for Grady Sizemore on the MLB All-Star Ballot

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