Follow Up: What He Said

The other week I mentioned seeing Indy 4 and how it left me kind of meh. One of my friends on iLike kind of mocked me for it, saying

So you didn't fancy the new Indy movie? I liked that you said there were times when you mumbled to yourself "Yeah right... like that would happen." What, were there times in Raiders when you really believed Nazis were going to take over the world if they had the Ark of the Covenant, or in Crusade did you think all the Senior Dr. Jones needed was a little splash from the Holy Grail and he would be miraculously healed?

If so, those nuns at work are having more of an effect on your sense of reality than you think. Check all the closets at work; maybe you'll find the Shroud of Turin. If you do, sell it on eBay and maybe you'll get enough to buy the 10th anniversary edition of Sports Night. [This is a call back to his original topic: our shared love for this short-lived Sorkin show.]

However, this guy captures the points I wanted to make but couldn't articulate:

I Am the Last Man on See Indy 4

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