Computer 1, People 0

As a former high school yearbook staffer, I can't help but simultaneously laugh and cringe at this Associated Press story.

Spell-check run amok changes names in Pa. yearbook

Mon Jun 2, 3:07 PM ET

A computer spell-checker run amok christened several Pennsylvania high school students with new — and in some cases unflattering — last names.

Middletown Area High School's yearbook listed Max Zupanovic as "Max Supernova," Kathy Carbaugh as "Kathy Airbag" and Alessandra Ippolito as "Alexandria Impolite," just to name a few.

"It was kind of funny, but kind of rude at the same time," Ippolito said.

The mistakes were found on four of the yearbook's 176 pages, co-editor Amanda Gummo said.

Ed Patrick of Taylor Publishing, which printed the book, said his company is responsible for the errors and will provide free stickers printed with the correct names.

"It happens all the time, every year," Patrick said. "Look at any yearbook in the country."

I worked with Taylor Publishing when I was on the yearbook staff in college. We were responsible for all of our own goofs, though.

The company flew the exec staff out to the Dallas HQ for a few days at the start of every school year.
I went my senior year, and we toured the factory, met with a graphic designer, and picked our theme and colors. Afterwards we hung out in Dallas. So, I have a lot of photos of Andy and Jon, the photo editors, making goofy faces next to a cardboard cutout of Elvis holding pies, trying on various cowboy hats, and kneeling next to the grassy knoll. Oh, and I still have the menu I stole from the Hard Rock. Good times.

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  1. Nikki helpfully sent me this link:

    Typo on diplomas embarrasses Ohio principal

    That high school is right down the street from my office, and yet because of my personal embargo on local news, I only just now heard about it because my friend in St. Louis e-mailed me the story. Meditate on that. Or not, if it cuts into your drinking time . . . .

  2. I found the story on, the source for all my news stories.