I Can Has Diploma?

Matt and I were walking down Court Street in Athens on Sunday afternoon, and read this on the board outside The Pub.

I noticed the misspelling of renowned first, but he helpfully caught the missing l in internationally* and then I had to laugh at the semi-LOLCAT rendition of cheeseburger and that's about when we decided we had to have a photo of it.

We should have taken a photo of the "Found Cat" flyer about the unfriendly/not housebroken cat (actually a photo of a rat) found near the dumpster behind Tony's. That seems to be some kind of universal prank, though, because Matt found something similar on Flickr for me, and that's from someone in California.

I may have to break down and get a schmancy cell phone camera. I would have thought that I have no use for it, but when I forgot to take my digital camera to an alumni event last night (or when I brought my camera last weekend but never took it out of the bag because it seemed like a pain, plus somebody from the alumni association was taking photos at the sessions and I figured I'd just scadge some of those when I needed something to post on our Web site), I thought, "Hey, it would be super awesome to just whip out** my phone and snap a few shots. They're going to be resized and crummy on the Web site anyways, so who cares if the resolution isn't so great."

So . . . maybe one of these days I'll upgrade. Or I can just suck it up and remember to (a) bring the camera and (b) be less of a wuss about taking photos. Sigh.

* Great. Now I have "I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock a microphone"
running through my head on a constant loop. Out, out, damn earworm!

** Like a guy in the hallway at the art building .... Only Matt and Maureen are going to get that, but I had to throw it in there.


  1. Yeah, who was with us last year? Rudy? Ross?

  2. And thanks for spreading that earworm. Must listen to ACRN to kill it.

  3. RE: Who else was with us?

    That's right, there was another guy there. Maybe it was Rudy, because I don't think it was Ross. Ross knew people in that apartment complex or somebody in the house next door or something, so he just walked to their place. It was probably Rudy.

    RE: Earworm
    You're welcome! : )

  4. I was thinking it was Rudy. Ross was the one trying to convince his mom to use that house bathroom... she didn't want to... etc etc.