Bat Boy: The Musical

I totally want to go to this! Who wants to drive to southeast Ohio with me?!

Bat Boy: The Musical

Keythe Flemming, Brian Farley, and Laurence O'Keefe team up to write one of the best contemporary satires of the last decade...

Based on the offbeat cult icon from the The Weekly World News, BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL is a musical comedy/horror show about a half boy/half bat creature who is discovered in a cave and tries to fit in with the "normal" people of Hope Falls, West Virginia. Bat Boy finds love and faces hate in Hope Falls, but will all of it be undone by the shocking story of his unholy origin?

The New York Times heralds this musical as "The best musical to hit Broadway in years."

Chicago Sun Times says.... "Bat Boy can hold me through the night."

YOU have FOUR chances to see the tale of the half/boy half/bat "freak"...

May 30-31 @ 7 p.m. & June 6-7 @ 7 p.m. All shows at ARTS/West (132 W. State St.)

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