This Is So Wrong

I came across this site about a month ago. I cannot, in good conscience, support these people. But they do have some mildly amusing t-shirts, one of which I will reproduce here for your amusement.

Before the Cleveland-Washington series started, I was sort of agreeing with a lot of media types who thought it was going to go to seven games and the Cavs would be lucky if they came out on top. But now that two games are in the books, I'm hoping we wrap it up in four. I don't even care about winning the series in a fifth game at home.

Of course, that assumes that the Cavs continue to bring it like they did in Game 2 and that the Wizards continue to lay down like they did in Game 2. And then that means we have to go up against Boston in Round 2, and our chances don't look good in that at all. Sigh.

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