I Totally Want This: Remote Control Pillow

I already have an iPod pillow. Two, in fact. Do I use them? Not really, especially now that I bought the clock radio that is also an iPod dock.

I might move the iPod dock – clock radio to my craft/work table, though, since I don't really like the clock radio component. Good thing I didn't get rid of my old CD clock radio.

Of course, moving the iPod dock to my work table requires cleaning off enough space on my work table to have somewhere to put it. Right now it's a massive mess, like most of my place.

I said to Cathy yesterday that I was thinking of cleaning out my closets this weekend and generally picking up the place.* She laughed really hard and said I wasn't going to do anything this weekend. She's probably right.

* This was after she complained about having to clean her kitchen the other night. I said I just closed the door and did something else. Having a door on my kitchen is easily the best part of my whole apartment. She doesn't have a door, and she has this compulsion to, like, be neat and stuff, so she couldn't just ignore it. I am excellent at ignoring things. Well, some things. Domestic things, mainly.

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