Letting the Days Go By

Today's earworm: That stupid Talking Heads song, also known as "Once in a Lifetime." Is it in a commercial or something? Is that why it's bouncing around my brain?

Meh. Moving on . . .

Speaking of time*, I can't believe Easter is almost here. I'm mostly stoked because I get Good Friday off.

I take that back: I'm also excited because my sister's coming out to Akron for a visit. So, if I decide to stay at my parents' the entire weekend (instead of only coming down for Saturday afternoon, like a sane person), it will be quite the full house.**

Here's a few bunny-related sites . . . Enjoy.

I love Peeps!

But I just eat them. I'm not going all Chuck Yeager, trying to see what they can

Cathy loves these. I, too, am fan.

I think I'll continue to kill time this morning by watching the rabbit version of
SuperBad. Should be super awesome!

* Which keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future — I should really stop procrastinating about some things, including but not limited to one of my current side projects.

** Gawd, I hate that show.

*** Dennis Miller shout-out! Christine knows what I'm talking about.

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