Friday Timewaster: Honest Abe Quiz

Just before lunchtime I was talking to one of our authors, and she mentioned the Lincoln Bicentennial.

I was looking it up online, and when I came across the Honest Abe Quiz I remembered that I was so caught up in my bitter disappointment at last night's Pub Quiz that I forgot to post a Friday Timewaster.

Since I like to pretend that people come here for Pub Quiz coverage and a weekly supply of timewasting activities, I thought I should rectify the omission immediately. So, ta dah!

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  1. [red-faced] 69%

    Here's something I thought you might like:
    Converse Turns 100

  2. And it looks like you better get that story ready for the championship round - but what's the prize going to be?

  3. 69 percent!?!?!? Ha ha ha ha ha.

    And the WaPo article on Converse is quite excellent. I was reading a similar Converse story on USA Today the other night: She can count on Chucks: Cheap, comfy and cool and the companion piece That iconic Converse shoe steps into centennial.

    I'm mulling over my drinking story options for the championship round. I think I'm going to go with a two-parter: "If I'd Known She Was Getting Married, I'd Have Gone to the State Store," followed by "This Room Is Not a Bathroom."

    When does this have to be posted? Because I've got a pretty full weekend, plus three other projects I should be doing instead. . . .

    Urk. It's almost time to go home, and I have forty pages left to edit. Crap! I need some Wonder Twin powers to activate. Form of . . . Red pen!