Feelin' Green

My throat's a little scratchy. I'm sure some green beer would smooth it out nicely, but right now I'm at work.

I don't think I'm getting sick, though — I'm pretty sure it's just the after-effects of yelling during the OU-Miami women's basketball game (MAC Championship) and then at St. Pat's in the Flats on Saturday.

While I eat some Canada Dry Ginger Ale – flavored Halls, you can go take a quiz about St. Patrick's Day. I started out strong when I took it, but I only ended up getting half right.

Oh, and please go here and read about another time I was feelin' green . . . about the gills, that is, after a night of drinking during college. Please vote for me so I can at least place in the top four for the first round of March Drunken Madness. Thanks!

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