Well, It Cheered *Me* Up, Anyway

I'm kind of ticked this morning because stoopid Brady and the Patriots lost to Manning 2.0* last night. I didn't really want to write about that, but I didn't really have anything else going on. So, I scrolled through my list of drafts, and found this month-old note to self:

Adding Eyes and a Mouth on Beetlegrass
beetlegrass: As Promised...

Okay, I'm goofy, but I'm not sure I'm this goofy . . .

They do make me laugh, though.

And looking at the photos on the Beetlegrass site did make me laugh. But not as hard as when I clicked the link and checked out the stuff on Fred.

O. M. G.

Check it out . . .

(Hover over the image for more info; click to follow the link.)

Ice cube trays in the shape of dentures
Jesus, look at the time!
A to-do list tattoo

I'm in a much better mood already, and that's just the tip of the denture-shaped ice cube . . . Check out the Fred site for more.

* Paraphrasing Mike Greenberg on Mike and Mike this morning: It's going to be a tough day for everyone who's not a fan of the Manning family.

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