Greetings, My Quizzical Snowflakes

Christine and I were hoping that the rest of the regulars would pull a Cathy and stay home because of the weather, and we could cruise past the rest of the depleted field and come in first. Well, we were half right.

There were only eight teams (one of them named "Where's Mike D's Mom and Dad?") but we still managed to tank a few categories and come in third. Our prize pack included hats and t-shirts for some beverage company I've never heard of, plus a Wheel of Wisdom from Knock Knock — in honor of Valentine's Day, it was "I Love You: A Translator for the Universal Language."

Perfect for hooking up during your trip around the world.

We decided to go to the well one more time with "The Wrist Coozies" as a team name. While we waited for things to get going, we debated the finer points of the trip to Ireland that each week's first-place team has a chance of winning. I theorized that maybe the owners of the Claddagh chain had arranged for some kind of package tour, and whichever teams won at each location would all go at the same time. Christine wondered if they would take you around on a bus to different pub quizzes in Ireland. She asked Mike D if the winners of the trip had to take it with him. Mike D: God, no! Christine: Oh, so it is a prize then. Me: Snerk!

Scores and Final Standings
Round 1: Music — 6 points
Round 2: Celebrity Tidbits of Joy (Comes with Sauce for the Dipping) — 7 points
Round 3: The Latest Craze of Yesteryear — 5 points
Round 4: Television — 4 points
Round 5: Sports — 7 points
Round 6: Movies (Not Shoes) — 7 points

We were in third place at halftime, and remained in third at the end — 2 points behind Where's Mike D's Mom and Dad? and 8 points behind Team 11.

Quotable Quotes and Notable Notes
  • No leper colony again!
  • Mike D called his mom during halftime and broadcast the conversation over the PA system. She explained that they stayed home to watch American Idol because "there are people on there with talent."
  • Christine: Who would have ever guessed that there'd be a day when we'd do better in sports than in television?!
  • Bonjour Kitty placed last again. You may wonder how, week to week, they consistently tank, but I think gems like "Urethra Franklin" as the soul singer wrongly accused of lip-synching at the NBA All-Star game give you the general idea. However, they did know that the Universoul Circus was the Atlanta-based organization with the slogan "Hip-hop under the Big Top," so who knows how their minds work.
  • A bonus point was awarded to the team who said "Friday" in response to the question about the month in which most teens lose their virginity, according to a Mississippi State University study. (For the record, it's June, but the crack on Mississippians not knowing the difference between days and months made us all laugh.) (Update: Thom dropped by the comments section to let me know that Team 11 came up with my second-favorite fake answer of the night. Kudos!)
  • There were two questions where we actually could have used Cathy's help. One was about Motley Crue, and the other was about Beverly Hills 90210. We guessed Vince Neil and were right, but guessed Kelly when we should have said Donna. Doh!
  • Christine and I cracked ourselves up and earned disapproving glares from Mike D when we came up with a somewhat off-color answer to this question: What did Roger Williams bang for more than thirteen hours at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum and Library in 2004 to break his own record? I said, "Rosalynn," and Christine and I just lost it. Seriously, we were almost crying because we were laughing so hard. Meanwhile, Mike D shook his head in mock disappointment, and made comments about how people with their minds in the gutter keep dragging the rest of us down. However, the crowd called out "Amy Carter" and "Monica Lewinsky" before he announced the correct answer (a piano, if you cared), so we're not the only ones.
  • This is the second time he has tricked us by using the same answer twice in a round. This week, two of the Sports questions were about Terry Bradshaw, which we got both times. (A few weeks ago, two of the Television questions were about Roseanne Barr, which we only got once, because we didn't believe he'd have the same answer twice in a category.) So . . . Yay, us?
  • Another question during the Sports round was about the Philadelphia '76er who was honored with his own Celebriduck. Mike D didn't seem to believe that such a product existed, and when I mentioned that I have two of them — my sister gave me the Blues Brothers Celebriducks a few years ago as part of my ever-growing collection of rubber duck paraphernalia — he totally mocked me. Whatever!

    Here are my ducks, shown in their natural habitat on top of my stereo, in front of the same Blues Brothers poster I had up on my wall in college. Because my decorating style is pretty much Early American Dorm Room.
Apparently I dropped Elwood at some point.


  1. Doh! I forgot to include a link to this trivia night artwork: Gorgeous Masterpiece

    I e-mailed Christine the link yesterday, and she said: "Maybe we can put together a 'Gorgeous Masterpiece' and have Miked sign it. Although it will be hard to surpass the 'Skipping Under the Rainbow' attempt of Bonjour Kitty."

    True dat.

    From the same source:
    Gladiator Valentines (Can You Tell Titan Is My Fave?)

    I think Cathy would agree with the last one.

  2. Just to let you know, the team that said "Friday" was our team, Team Eleven.

  3. Best revise and give credit where credit is due, cause that answer was frickin' hilarious ... ;-)