Finding Treasure in the Bargain Bins

So: Yesterday afternoon I'm in the car after picking up a small project from one of my freelance clients. Did I drive home and get to work immediately?

Uh . . . NO!

I procrastinated by stopping in the new(-ish) Marshall's at Westgate. I didn't really have anything in mind, but once I got in the door I remembered that I needed a new wallet. I've been abusing the coin section on mine, mostly by (gasp!) putting coins in it, so there's a hole in the side/bottom and all my coins fall out. I can't think of a good way to fix it, so I might as well get another one. Especially when it's not even $10. I debated going all retro and digging out this wallet I had when I was, like, 10 — before I had anything to put in a wallet besides my library card and some allowance; this one was red and had a butterfly on the front — but I decided that I was too lazy to hunt for it. I also have this vintage Mickey Mouse wallet from when I was even younger, but I wouldn't want to ruin it by using it. Maybe when this new wallet conks out, I'll resurrect one of those.

Anyhow, then in the bins by the cash register I spotted some of that schmancy stationery from Borders that I always covet but never get. I got two boxes of note cards (different patterns) for the price of one at Borders. I also scooped up some notepads from Knock Knock. I don't think they make them anymore, actually — probably because they were trying to sell them for $6 and $15, plus shipping and handling. I felt that $2.99 was much more appropriate.

After that, I figured I might as well go next door to Target, and see if I'd changed my mind about wanting any of the Converse One Stars they started carrying. (Short answer: No. But I did get one of the Converse t-shirts. Never mind the faint echo of my dad's voice during an argument discussion we had when I was in high school about why on earth I would want to buy a Coca-Cola sweatshirt and be, in essence, free advertising for the company whenever I wore it.)

I did get a pair of mittens from the clearance rack (a backup pair, in case I misplace one of my two pairs of gloves before May), but I hit the mother lode in the bargain bins right up front by the door: Dilbert magnets, sticky notes, pens, and note pads. I wanted one of every design, but forced myself to pick only the funniest one from each category. (Wally magnets, "My Job Is a Near-Life Experience" note pad, Boss sticky notes, and the pen set where one says "I'm optimistic that you'll do a better job of motivating me next week" and the other says "He only listens when he is talking," if you're scoring at home.)

So, you know, I should be able to kill the next twenty minutes getting those unwrapped and set up for future use. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this:

A dance I often do at the end of a day

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  1. One of my favorite Dilbert cartoons (it hangs on my cube wall) is the one where Dilbert states something to the effect of I could start something new or sit here and amuse myself until 5:00. The next panel is "I crack myself up."

    Glad to hear you are working hard out there in oHIo.