Well, we were in second place at halftime, but slipped to third at the end. Christine wasn't there to help us out in the "Music and Noise that Some People Call Music" category, so we couldn't hold off Dewey and the Decimals (1.5 points ahead of us), much less Team 11 (4.5 points ahead of us).

Well, maybe we could have, if Mike D had persisted in misreading our team number (10) for our score:
  • Prime Time and Beyond — 7
  • Sports — 8
  • Miscellaneous Grab Bag of Doom — 5
  • What Are They Thinking? — 7
  • Music — 5
  • Questionable Movies — 7

We did win a bottle of wine — a nice merlot and not, as Christine suggested in a text to me later, Boone's Farm — and some Miller Lite t-shirts and Guinness beads. (Mike D refused to show Cathy anything in exchange for a string of beads.)

Quotable Quotes and Notable Notes

  • No leper colony! Cathy found a leprosy factoid in one of the library books I brought*, though, so it was almost as good.
  • Team Name: The Wrist Coozies (It was Christine's idea, and she wasn't there to enjoy it.)
  • I forgot how to spell bosom for a minute. (The question was about the TV show starring Tom Hanks before he became, you know, Tom Hanks.)
  • Bonjour Kitty (the perennial losing team) earned 2.5 points for drawing a picture of him and Mike D as stick figures skipping along under a rainbow because "me know no sports."
  • The members of Team 11 love them some Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute.**
  • Did you know that paintball evolved from equipment used to mark trees for removal? Neither did we, but it totally makes sense now that we think about it.
  • Who said "I've performed for twelve presidents and entertained six?" Not Monica Lewinsky, as one team called out, although that got a big laugh and Mike D was embarassed to repeat it to his mom.
  • Cathy didn't know that Turd Blossom was one of G. W. Bush's special nicknames for Karl Rove, although she did know that GWB made his daughter pop out of her top by stepping on her dress at an inaugural ball.
  • Cathy also knew that "acid reflux" was the ailment that Ashlee Simpson's dad blamed for his daughter's lip synching on Saturday Night Live, but she said "herpes" just for fun.
  • And yet she missed questions about The Ramones and The Beastie Boys, so . . .

* Bad vs. Worse: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lose-Lose Decisions, which I did not find as funny as its cover/title led me to believe it would be.

** When Mike D read the scores at halftime, after he announced that Team 11 was (once again) in first place, he said, "May their reign of terror continue forever," and pointed out that "You're the only ones clapping right now for yourselves."


  1. I applaud the "Quotable Quotes and Notable Notes" addition ... it should be a regular feature ...

  2. Yeah, that was just a factor of me being in too much of a hurry to craft a narrative out of my notes. I took the lazy way out: Bullet points!

    I suppose that since I never posted a full recap of last week's quiz — in that case the needle tilts more toward "lazy" than "pressed for time" — I could flip through my notebook and cull some nuggets for a QQ & NN section.

    Hmm.... I still have thirty minutes to kill at the office . . .