Lucky Chucks

I got an e-mail from Converse this morning:

I'm not a fan of the flower power shoe pictured, however.

Ha! The last sentence is my favorite.

Nothing sexier? I totally agree!

I totally want these, but they're only available in Women's size 5. Boo! The ladybug (symbol of good luck) cracks me up.

So cute!

Let's see . . . What else?

  • I ordered the book Chucks! The Phenomenon of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars from Amazon as a little Christmas gift to myself. Love the photos!
  • Another Christmas gift to myself: In mid-December I went into Famous Footwear to get new winter boots, but instead I walked out with two new pairs of lowtop Chucks: one pair of chocolate and one pair of gray hibiscus. I need to find some snazzy laces for them, though. Perhaps I'll get some from the Chucks Connection.
  • During American Idol, I saw an ad for Converse — apparently they're going to start selling One Stars and clothes at Target in a few weeks. I'm going to have to call my sister (who works for Target) and ask her to hook me up.
  • I can't believe I never discovered the Converse blog until now. I'm going to have to go back and read all the archives, especially the Flashback Fridays.
  • Another site I found: Punk Your Chucks, which is the source of the following images. (Hover for additional commentary.)

NYC SUBWAY — I could wear these with my NYC subway map t-shirt!

NYC SUBWAY —I also have a t-shirt with a map of the T in Boston.
SWEENEY TODD — I still haven't seen this movie yet.
SWEENEY TODD — I'll probably end up renting it on Netflix.
ELVIS — Shouldn't these be blue suede?
ELVIS — I had some blue suede Hush Puppies once upon a time. They're probaby under my bed somewhere.

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