This Week in Netflix: Volume 17

The Wendell Baker Story

I can't help it, I love The Wendell Baker Story. The majority of the reviews I have read have gone on about how terrible it is, but I am apparently blinded by my love for Luke Wilson because I watched it three times before I returned it and am somewhat tempted to get it on DVD just so I can see certain parts again.

What else have I been Netflixing lately?

Bones How I Met Your Mother Life As We Know It

The entire second seasons of Bones and How I Met Your Mother . . . all episodes of which I saw when they originally aired. What I didn't see all of the first time around was Life as We Know It, but that's because the network shuffled the schedule and then cancelled it.

The Hoax Disturbia

I also rented The Hoax and Disturbia. I think I started doing something else halfway through Disturbia, but it went pretty much how I expected it to go. The Hoax was interesting because, although it was based on actual events, I didn't know a lot about the guy who invented a Howard Hughes autobiography just as revenge on the people who cancelled his book deal. I also enjoyed the period details: the clothes, the hair, the cars. Oh, and the interview with Mike Wallace about how he got totally taken in by the guy's story when he interviewed him on 60 Minutes. Heh.

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