It's Got What Plants Crave!

I saw Drink Brawndo: It's Got Electrolytes! while cruising teh interwebs the other week, when Idiocracy was still in my Netflix queue. I just watched the movie this morning, and . . . O.M.G. I was cracking up. And also saddened, because that kind of future doesn't seem too far off. And also reminded of the dystopia of Back to the Future, Part 2.

I can't believe they didn't like this movie enough to release it for real. I saw it mentioned in an Entertainment Weekly movie preview issue about two years ago, and then was surprised when it popped up in a list of recent releases on Netflix.

Anyhow, since Brawndo's got what plants crave, now so can you — they're actually selling the stuff. Check out the ad here. Buy some here.

Meanwhile, I plan on continuing to binge on Luke Wilson by watching The Wendell Baker Story — another movie of his that never got a real release.

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