Friday Timewaster: Library Arcade

Within Range and I'll Get It — Games from Carnegie Mellon University Libraries

For all my librarian pals and other geeky folk . . . Video games about being a librarian. Yeah! There's some fantasy role-playing scenarios for you: Fielding patron queries and reshelving materials! Alsome!!1!!


  1. OH MY GOD. That was hysterical. Unfortunately, the Man for whom I work does not allow such frivolity. So I had to play it at home.

    Here is one for your Friday time waster. This one I can play at work and um, I might have been playing it a lot.

    Traveler IQ Challenge

  2. I, too, am addicted to Traveler IQ Challenge! I first found it on Facebook, but then I started playing it outside of Facebook so I'm not cluttering up the news feed with my stupid scores. It took me a few tries to get past Level 8. I'm currently striking out on Level 9. Sigh.