Wedding Crash

I think I might finally be recovered from my friend's wedding last Saturday.

My original plan was to have dinner, limit myself to two drinks, and take off after dessert.

What actually happened was that the combination of a well-stocked open bar, an awesome 70s/80s cover band (Check out their hilarious site: L80s Nite), and the bride's decision to not do the cake until the band's first break resulted in me being one of the last to stumble out of the place, shortly after a particularly spirited rendition of the Beastie Boys classic "Fight for Your Right."


Suffice it to say, Cathy's sorry she had to miss it. I suspect that there are incriminating photos of me on someone's digital camera, though.


  1. I love open bars. They get me in trouble but I can't help myself. My wife )who doesn't drink) and I recently went to a wedding and I started out of the gate quickly. My wife happened to ask how many I had when I returned with another drink. I looked at her quizzically and said, "6?" She took that one away from me and made me switch to soda.

    When I got married, we made the mistake of putting some friends who like to drink next to the bar, which was a consumption bar (you pay for the drinks people drink). We won't make that mistake again.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. I'm pretty sure I topped out at 10. . . . Well, nine and a half, because the champagne toast was only a half glass. And those two glasses of wine weren't filled to the tippy-top, so those really only add up to one and three quarters. . . . And Miller Lite is, like, 90% water anyhow, so five of those is like nothing, really. . . . The Bacardi & Coke and Jack & Coke were pretty strong, though.

    However, it wasn't so much the drinking that laid me low as the dancing and singing. I was wearing heels for the first time in about a year — I'm tall enough anyhow, and wearing two-inch heels just makes my ankles ache. Add that to jumping around like a crazy lady for at least three hours. . . . (Oh, and extensive razor burn because I was in a hurry getting ready and kind of shredded my shins while shaving — yeowch!) I noticed my feet hurting on the drive home (which was only about seven minutes, thank goodness), and I think some of my toes were still swollen yesterday afternoon. All day Sunday my throat hurt SO BAD because I was singing along at the top of my lungs to pretty much every song the night before. And my neck hurt because at some point I did a little impromptu headbanging. Oof.

    Like I said . . . Cathy was sorry she had to cancel at the last minute, because she would have gotten a good laugh out of all of this. I mean, she laughed enough when she heard about it yesterday, but being able to witness it in person would have been infinitely more amusing, I'm sure.

  3. At this recent wedding there are evidently some incriminating photos of me doing the chicken dance and I think the YMCA. I'm not proud.

  4. Yeah, I couldn't bust out my famous drunk-dance moves ... which look oddly like my sober-dance moves.