Why I Love Fall

This photo cracked me up, and I had to find some reason to share it.
Anyhow, why I love fall. Cooler temperatures. New TV shows. My favorite sports overlap. For example:
  • The Browns win on Sunday.
    (Suck it, Baltimore!)
  • The Indians win on Sunday.
    (Bring it on, Yankees!)
  • The Cavs start training camp today.
    (Hope LeBron's not too worn out from impersonating a basketball player in almost every SNL sketch.)
What could be better? (Well, having OU beat Kent and getting Anderson Varejao to sign a contract, but I've realized I can't have everything.)

There's an Indians rally downtown tonight that I would be totally tempted to attend if I were not already planning to go watch Two Days in Paris at the Cedar-Lee. Other items on the calendar this week:
  • Pub Quiz, Episode 4
    (I didn't go last week, but was told that Mike D's mom might have been there. Oh, and also that one of my Pub Quiz recaps made someone's day. So there, Cathy!)
  • The Russian Festival
    (My parents and I go to this almost every year. This year I have to go on Wednesday since I'll be busy on Tuesday.)
  • Indians vs. Yankees, Game 1
    (Go Tribe!)

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  1. LeBron really did play a basketball player in nearly every sketch. But it was worth it, just for the one sketch where he was out of his element (Solid Gold dancers).