Friday Timewaster: Touching Frank's Devices


Visit Frank's cubicle and check out all the gear connected to his USB ports, from a lava lamp to a printer. Click on an item and watch what happens. I like the "Boss" tape flag, too. I have a similar fake spreadsheet from the Dilbert Web site that I was using as my desktop wallpaper once upon a time.

Anyhow, apparently this site is sponsored by something called the "USB Implementers Forum." Here's their press release:

Frank’s Cubicle showcases a man and his love for USB. Here are some ways you might relate to Frank and his world of gadgets:

  • We’ve all seen posts about the latest weird USB gadgets. Now you can get a first-hand look at just who buys these gadgets. Frank has actually purchased and uses the USB mug warmer, massage ball, and heated gloves you’ve seen scroll by in your RSS reader. While his love for USB may be a little over-the-top, Frank is a pretty likeable guy, and has offered the public the opportunity to play with all his USB gadgets. Now you can interact with all these gadgets you never knew anyone bought.

  • Have you been here before? It is 4:45pm and you just crashed from the lunch time Big Gulp. There is a project that you could start, but it just doesn't really seem worth while to do actual work with only 15 minutes of the work day left. What to do while you coast out of your Wednesday? You need a distraction and Frank is just the guy for you. Frank has surrendered his USB devices for you to entertain yourself before making that 4:55 break for the door, stealing back those five precious minutes from the man.

  • Your readers, like everyone else, need a little humor injected into the daily grind. So why not give them a little tech based humor? Frank is a cube dweller who has taken the adoption of USB peripherals to a new and frightening level.

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  1. Is asking one to touch your devices the modern day equivalent of asking one up to see your etchings?

    So how about them Yankees? It would seem the pinstriped boys shall be visiting the Jake in the near future. What shall we wager? :)