This Week in Netflix: Volume 16

I've had the same movies out from Netflix for about a month because I was distracted by sports and the new television shows. Oh, and I was going to Akron almost every weekend, so that cut into my movie-watching time. I was home last weekend, though, and found the time to plow through Hot Fuzz, Smokin' Aces, and Let's Go to Prison.

I really, really, really wanted to like Hot Fuzz, but I couldn't. I very much enjoy Shaun of the Dead, but I guess I just wasn't in the mood for the buddy cop spoof. I watched the first part of it a few weeks ago with the commentary track on, and learned that the guys tried to employ every cliché listed in Roger Ebert's book of movie clichés. (I got the first edition of the book from the library, and found that more interesting than the movie.) I mentioned my lukewarm reaction to Mary Lu the other week when we went to see 2 Days in Paris at the Cedar Lee, and she said she'd heard the same thing from some other people, although personally she thought Hot Fuzz was hilarious.

I knew going into it that Smokin' Aces was pretty much a train wreck, and it lived up to that reputation. I spent most of my time putting real names to faces, since almost every character is played by a recognizable actor (Ray Liotta, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, etc.) I'm still not sure I get the whole (spoiler alert!) heart transplant thing, and there were certainly some parts that seemed overly gory (spoiler alert!), like when that guy fell on his own chainsaw. Again: Meh.

Let's Go to Prison was sort of funny, and I guess when I compare it to the other two, I liked it the most. Which isn't saying a lot for the movie, really, and it's even more disturbing that this is what I find enjoyable, because it's not like this is some masterpiece of cinema, either. I always like Dax Shepherd, though. (What kind of name is "Dax," anyways?) Oh, and I liked the bonus featurette on the supergroup they put together to do all the background music. So that's what Ray Parker Jr. has been doing lately.

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