Instead of driving down to Athens and getting crazy drunk

Hey, Chuck: Thanks for e-mailing me this photo!
I stayed in and watched the entire seventh season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And cracked up when Willow said she once posted Doogie Howser fan fiction. (I know: It's already been noted in several places on teh Interwebs, but it was news to me.)


  1. The SEVENTH season of Buffy? I wouldn't even unwrap my 7th season DVDs cause the last season was so horrible ... it's sitting on my shelf, still plastic wrapped.

    So I'm a completionist. Sue me. Point is, watch one of the first three seasons next time, for chrissakes!

  2. Ok, when I initially wrote the post, I went into a big explanation of why (a) I only have the seventh season and (b) why I wanted to watch it, but then I decided, Who cares?! and deleted it.

    I agree that the seventh season is bad. I am sketchy on everything that went down in the sixth and seventh seasons, though, because I think I missed a few episodes when they originally aired. So, I mainly wanted to refresh my memory.

    Also, I had just finished watching two discs' worth of the second season of Bones, and I wanted another taste of that sweet, sweet David Boreanaz* but as I was reaching for my complete set of Angel DVDs and mulling over which season of that I wanted to watch (again with the variations in quality), I came across the gift-wrapped copy of BtVS: S7. I originally bought it as a Christmas gift for my sister when it first came out, EXCEPT that it turned out that she already had a copy, so she just handed it back to me, unopened. So, I said Merry Christmas to me! and dug in.

    Of course, after that I just wanted to look up some master timetable of the complete chronology and get my hands on seasons 1-6 of BtVS so I could watch the entire run of each series as the episodes originally aired, complete with overlapping storylines and whatnot. Except I realized that I would have to take about a week off of work to do it. Hmm. . . I do have a lot of sick days saved up . . .

    So, who's the completionist** now? ; )

    *I know: He's only in one episode of season 7, and that's only for about five minutes.

    **Giant geek