An Evening with the Puzzle Master

I think that An Evening with the Puzzle Master would be interesting, but I'm not paying $150 for it.

I only like the easy kind of crossword puzzles anyway — the non-brain strainer that comes in the weekly television schedule. My mom does the New York Times puzzle, except it's hard to do it in the Beacon Journal because they never list the puzzle title. Knowing the puzzle title helps you figure out some of the clues. I can't believe puzzle aficionados haven't inundated the Beacon with angry letters before now. I would lead the e-mail campaign, but I don't even do the puzzle, so what do I really care.

I did go see Wordplay last year, however, and I enjoyed it very much.

In other news: I think I've found Cathy's birthday present!

The Manual of Things That Might Kill You

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