This Week in Netflix: Volume 14

Meh, Meh, Meh, and Meh

Catch and Release
Catch and Release

The best part was the commentary track with Kevin Smith and the writer/director, Susannah Grant. I still don't like Jennifer Garner. Also: I think her character should have picked the guy played by Sam Jaeger. Fun facts: He's from Ohio! Perrysburg, to be exact. And apparently he got married on Saturday in Logan, if my Google stalking is correct. Plus, he and his wife have been working on a movie together.

Bourne Identity — TV
The Bourne Identity

I've read the novel and seen the Matt Damon edition, so I felt like getting the 1988 TV version just to compare/contrast. This one follows the novel much more closely than the Damon version, and seems to move ... so ... slowly. I nodded off about halfway through and woke up for the ending. I didn't even bother rewinding it, though, since I remembered the plot from the book.


I enjoy Paul Rudd, and the rest of the cast is okay. It's a good period piece, I think. Not so much funny ha-ha, but amusing things occur. If you like the cast, it's worth watching.

The Good German

It was a good thing I'd read the book, because I didn't entirely follow the plot of the movie. I was too busy thinking about what a jerk Tobey Maguire is (well, technically his character, I guess) and how wooden George Clooney seemed in the first few scenes. Very odd. Anyhow, despite the lovely Clooney eye candy, I think I have to give the book the edge.

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