Baby Got Covered

Jonathan Coulton: Sir Mix-a-Not
News flash: Jonathan Coulton does a hi-larious folk-pop cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's “Baby Got Back.”

The back story: Last night I was trying to find an copy of Of Montreal's cover of “Know Your Onion” by the Shins, since my laptop's version seems to have disappeared and I keep forgetting to copy it from my computer at work onto my jump drive. I needed it because it's Track 6 on this awesome new mix I'm making for use on my trip to NY. (Making mix CDs being much more important than doing actual work while at the office or doing laundry or reviewing guidebooks or other trip-prep while at home.)

Anyhow, I was Googling it, but most of the links were to the Of Montreal site, which seemed to be out of commission somehow. As I was clicking around in desperation, I came across a link to a list of the
best 100 cover songs, as compiled by the New York Post last month. That article had a description of this guy's version of BGB. I distinctly remember when BGB came out — I think my friends and I sang it to ourselves while hiking back to the cabin at summer camp; I remember watching the video once or twice, even though my mom was very anti-Music Television and anti-television in general; I'm pretty sure Larry and Tony played it on their boombox at the back of the band bus on the way to football games — so I had to check it out and then tell everyone I know.

Mission accomplished.

I'm also a fan of JC's “Code Monkey” and “IKEA.” You can listen to those and BGB on his “Listening Suggestions” page.

Fun fact: He's a friend of John Hodgman, aka PC, aka the Resident Expert. If you've seen a Mac commercial or The Daily Show, you know who I mean.

Don't blame JC for the lame illustration. That's all me, in my non-Photoshop–having glory. Or something.

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