Friday Timewaster: Movie Keywords

So, the other week I'm meandering through my RSS feeds, and I come across this post from the lovely people at LMNOP:

I rate IMDB as a pretty good example of What the Internet Does For Us, because prior to its invention humans were known to watch movies and then spend hours agonizing over the question, "WHERE HAVE I SEEN THAT ACTOR BEFORE," and now we don't have to, because we can just check IMDB, and that gives us more time to make popcorn necklaces and do cartwheels.

She lists ten or so movies to identify by their IMDB keywords. I picked up on a few right away, but had to think about the rest.

Anyhow, check it out and see how you do.

(I actually have very little time to waste today, so it's a good thing I started this post last Friday. Someone actually turned in a manuscript, and I have to get it ready for editing ASAP because I'm going to be out all next week. Grrr!!)

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