Typos I Have Known

I came across this flub on the Hero Arts Web site last night, and it made me laugh.

I wasn't imbibing any liquids at the time, so it wasn't nearly as funny as my typo encounter at lunchtime yesterday. That's when Cathy reminded me of the time we almost left the l out of public in one of our publications. I started laughing, and the Arnold Palmer almost went up my nose, much to her delight.


  1. When I get together with some friends, we have an unspoken rule that has been issued - "Drink goes up, mouth goes shut." Milk snot is something nobody needs to see

  2. See, with us it's essentially the opposite: We'll pause slightly to synchronize our rate of speaking with the other person's rate of drinking, trying to get the timing just right. Apparently we think spit takes are the height of hilarity.

    Between this and my love for pies in the face, I'm starting to worry about my general level of sophistication in terms of humor. Which, admittedly, wasn't all that high to begin with anyway.

    (edited to fix the link, in case anyone cares)