Three Ns, One T

(I can never remember how to spell Cincinnati.)

Spelling difficulties aside, I hauled all the way down there ten days ago to meet up with Nikki and see Noah Hunt and the 420 All Stars in concert at Stanley's Pub. (Unofficial Motto: There Is No Stanley.) We ran into a few other Noah groupies and had a pretty good time. A few photos from Nikki's private collection:

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I also enjoyed the musical stylings of The Trojan Rabbit, who had a CD release party last Friday. I decided that I was not trekking back down there for a second weekend, no matter how awesome their lead singer is and how cute the bassist is. I may have to e-mail him to find out how I can buy a copy of the CD, though. You can hear samples on their My Space page (linked above) and on the official Trojan Rabbit Web site.


  1. In Notes from a Small Island, Bill Bryson gets a newspaper job in England by betting that he was the only person in the office that could spell Cincinnati correctly.

  2. Snerk. That sounds like him.

    I liked his book about hiking the Appalachian Trail (or, attempting to hike) but he got on my nerves when I tried to listen to him read one of his other books — I forget the title. Did he have one about being in Australia? If so, that was the one.

    Anyhow, he came off as really ... I want to say snarky and snotty, but I'm snarky and snotty a lot of the time, so that would be the pot conversing with a kettle. Supercilious? Maybe that's what I want to say?

    Meh, whatevs. Bottom line: Did not like him, and that memory is preventing me from reading his new book, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.

  3. Megan Quinlan7/31/2007 10:28 PM

    Oh man, I love Noah Hunt...sooooo hottt!